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My Story

    I come from a broken home packed with childhood trauma. As a highly sensitive child who absorbed the negativity around me I ultimately began to battle hardships with anorexia, depression and anxiety. I was a troubled teen and struggled with my place in the world. In my early adult years I developed a severe panic disorder and was becoming a recluse. I was a very lost soul and felt stuck for a lot of my life. Being someone who valued a holistic approach I turned to somatic experience therapy and began working with a practitioner. 

    It was through somatic experience that I began to really wake up spiritually. I began to notice being flooded by synchronicities all around me. I began to understand feeling different as a child and recognized the psychic experiences I had been having all along. I started pursuing psychic readings, all of which validated my abilities, and that I am meant to be reading and guiding others. I began receiving signs pointing me towards this work. 

    I’ve since tried on many hats career wise and have succeeded in them all. Despite my success nothing was feeding my soul. I have always been in touch with the universe. I grew up having a deep inner knowing about life and events. I am a gifted claircognizant individual with a passion for reading palms. I have a natural ability to read people and a knack for guidance and making people feel good about themselves.


The Goal

 I want to see you thrive and aid in their success! My mission is to help you learn yourself and understand how you, as individual work and think. I want to help you enjoy yourself and the effortlessness of the universe. My goal is to guide you out of your struggles and into success, happiness, and abundance all while being fully engaged in your spirituality. I want to help you become the best vibrant version of yourself possible. I believe the secret to healing and growing is through having a profound sense of self. Using psychic services can help you dive deep to gaining that understanding. I want to help you learn how to use the energies around you for your benefit Let me help you get unstuck in your life!

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